Volume 5: Staff Meetings

If you haven’t read the guide titled, Tips To Follow For Implementing Effective And Meaningful Staff Meetings, please read it before proceeding with your next staff meeting.

There are two main ways to facilitate your staff meetings:

  1. Have me lead the entire staff meetings, introducing each section on the agenda and having you pause the CD or go to the next audio clip below. If there are portions that you do not want to share with the staff, you can simply omit them from the agenda and skip or bypass that particular track.
  2. You can lead the staff meeting, using the agenda below (and modifying it as you see fit), and then just playing the core materials for your staff, in this month’s volume that would consist of the Overview of the Community Outreach and Hospice and Clergy Relations initiative and the Main Educational component.

Core Components for Volume 5

Detailed Agenda with hints and instructions: Word

Agenda to be used and edited as desired: Word

Narrative: Public Speaking Word

Entire Staff Meeting Facilitated by Todd Van Beck:

We have made the introductions to each section very casual and informal as if I was sitting around a table with you and your staff so that this means of leading the staff meeting wouldn’t be intimidating and also so that the facilitation could be easily taken over by you or one of your staff members in the future.

1. Welcome

2. Announcements

3. Sharing Compliment Letters

4. New Ideas and Best Service Practices

5. Discussion about Funeral Trends

6. Introduction to Education Segment

7. Open Forum

8. Conclusion

As mentioned in the other modules, if you feel that there is any resource that is not provided and that would make this program better for you and your staff, please let us know and if it is in our power, we will create it for you. Just email us at [email protected].


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