Volume 5: Community Outreach: People of Letter

Strategic Brief:


This is the first in the series of “Rest in Peace” the grave tour of famous people. The first topic covered is the grave sites of famous authors.

Why Is This Initiative Important?

This program tells an interesting account of the final resting places of some of the most famous authors in history. Most everyone is interested in the stories that cemeteries have to tell, and for this reason our new series will have relevance to any community.

After giving a number of presentations about interesting topics, you will be seen as an expert when it comes to funeral related issues – a position that can’t be bought by advertising – and more importantly in this process you will be building relationships with all attendees – and that is what the Funeral Relations Mastery program is all about.

What Is The Goal of This Initiative?

The goal of the program is to entertain and inform.

How Are You Going to Achieve This Goal?

Simply follow the script that has been provided in this program.

What Are The Other Opportunities for this Program

This program can easily be adapted to most any audience in particular library groups, and literary groups, and book clubs.

If you feel that there is any resource that is not provided and that would guarantee that you would take action, please let us know and if it is in our power, we will create it for you. Just email us at [email protected].


Resource Kit:

  • Action Plan: Word
  • Script Grave Tour Authors: Word
  • Introduction Letter: Word
  • Introduction Letter (Mail Merge): Word
  • Strategic Brief – People of Letters: Word
  • Evaluation Form: Word
  • Presentation Flyer – People of Letters: PPT
  • Presentation – Grave Tour Authors: PPT

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