Favorite funeral service spokes person…

You have been my favorite Funeral Service Spokes Person for many years now. Without a doubt you do the greatest job of getting our story out there and always in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

John A. Snider, Houston,TX.

You have inspired me…

You have been an inspiration to me as a Funeral Director. I have listened to you at conventions and seminars around the country. I am proud to be a Funeral Director and am glad that you have the passion about this profession and that you show us all how to be better at what we do for families. I can’t thank you enough.

Reg V. Ecker, CFSP, CPC Garner Funeral Home, Salt Lake City, Utah

I’ve had the privilege…

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Todd speak at a clergy relations meeting we hosted with a group in our area, and at a variety of conferences and meetings with a varied professional group ranging from Trust 100, MFDA, New England Institute, NFDA, and more. I always find something fascinating to learn and I enjoy the passion and detail Todd expresses in a very compassionate manner.

Phil Conway, Conway, Cahill-Brodeur Funeral Home, Peabody, MA

Pillar of funeral service….

Todd VanBeck has been a pillar of funeral service in my mind since I started in this business over 20 years ago.  I first heard him speak at an NFDA convention and he brought me to tears and made me think “I want to be like him”.  The way he tells a story, making his listener laugh and bringing them to tears with heartfelt, honest stories, is a gift.  He knows the importance of funerals and of funeral service and he is not afraid to tell anyone who will listen.  We need more advocates of funeral service like Todd Van Beck out there.  We have enough people the value of celebrating the life, but if people do not find the value in a funeral service, all the personalized corners and photo service folders in the world won’t save our industry or, most importantly, the people we care for.

Debra L. Kranz, Cass City, Michigan

Todd’s ability to engage…

Todd’s ability to engage all members of the funeral home staff and the respect that he demonstrates for each person’s role in best serving the families is reflective of his overall care, concern and commitment to quality funeral service.

Jodi Swan, MacLean Funeral Home Swan Chapel, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island