Funeral Relations Mastery Program UNVEILED

After my opposition to technology for way too long I have taken the jump into the technology of the 21st century.  I have to say upfront to everyone (for I can see the smiles) that the technology is totally due to my buddy Rob Heppell’s impressive skills.  He and I have bonded and have combined solid, carefully thought out good funeral information.

After several months in the works the finishing touches of this first major program has been completed and ready to be introduced formally to the funeral field.  I believe you will agree after viewing this video and listening to the commentary that this program will help in a major way for funeral homes to get more exposure in your communities, guide your staff to function better as a team, and get a further more active connection with Hospice and the Clergy.

I am honored to be able to walk and talk with you on this journey – if you decide to sign up.  I believe that these ideas and concepts in the end will translate into making the best funeral service to the community a little better and who can argue with that point.  If it helps our families in the end, it gets my vote.

So I am asking today that you take time out of your valuable schedule and watch this video that Hepp and I have put together for all the details and for the instructions of how to get involved.

Truly I am NOT a technological person, but I am a funeral director, and I believe (not without some years of experience to back this statement up) that this first program is funeral service rock solid and is also offered at a very fair price.

Thank you for your support.


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